Triplicate staff

The old Endert's Opera House stood, during one of its iterations, at the same site now occupied by The Daily Triplicate.

It was built andquot;sometimeandquot; before the turn of the 20th century at the corner of Third and K streets, but was moved some time later to the Triplicate building location at Third and H streets.

Anyone who could afford a ticket was able to go to the barn-like structure, which featured a variety of shows.

Its productions included traveling artists who performed anything from singing to silent movies.

Just around the World War I era, 1914 or 1915, the Roman Catholic Church burned down.

Roger Endert noted during an interview posted on the Internet that Endert's Opera House allowed parishioners to hold their services at the performance facility.

It then was partially dismantled by a cyclone and later torn down.