Triplicate staff

World famous guru David Beurle returns to Crescent City Thursday for follow-up consulting with government, civic and business groups.

Beurle spent several days in Del Norte County during February and March meeting with local residents to assess whether the community was ready to take the steps necessary to begin an economic development program. In his white paper, released shortly after the visit, he determined the community was ready to move forward.

This weekend, he'll meet again with local leaders to discuss how the community can create a vision of how it would like to develop economically. He will be in Crescent City through Monday.

Connie Loden, executive director of Heart of Wisconsin Business and Economic Alliance, also will be in town. She spoke at Del Norte County's 2007 Economic Summit in late March about how Beurle's consulting helped move her central Wisconsin community forward on economic development.

Beurle heads Innovative Leadership Australia, which provides consulting to local and regional communities in the United States and Australia. It favors innovative approaches to local and regional community economic development. In the United States, Beurle has worked with more than 50 communities and organizations.