Moving to Crescent City from a population density of almost 15 million people, we learned that there are just some things not to be found in a small town. Some might suspect that we would miss the theaters or fancy restaurants, but these places we didn't really miss. After all, we have been to the movies and have found a nice cross section of places to eat right here. Sure there are no giant department stores, but between the local merchants and an occasional trip to Eureka we have been able to find just about anything that we were looking for.

So what one thing have we missed that we just can't find in Crescent City or for that matter anywhere in California? Salad Dressing!

Salad's best friend

Over the years we developed a taste for Dorothy Lynch Home Style Dressing. We checked all the stores that we could think of but failed to find any Dorothy Lynch. We had a friend, Peggy Smith, visit from Denver, and we asked her to bootleg in a couple of bottles. Ahhhh, we dined on a big salad the day that Peggy arrived.

Fortunately the bottle's label contained a Web site for the manufacturer in Columbus, Neb. We found out that Dorothy Lynch is not sold on the east coast or west coast but only in the central states. After a couple of e-mails back and fourth, we found out that we could order a case of dressing direct. The lady I e-mailed, Sallie Steinauer, at the other side of the World Wide Web was fascinated that I lived in a lighthouse. I sent her copies of the Lighthouse Tales from the Daily Triplicate and our Blog address. I think we are her first lighthouse customers.

An extra special brand

There is joy in Mudville tonight! Our case of salad dressing arrived in Crescent City today. Brian O'Callaghan, Director of the Del Norte County Historical Society asked what kind of dressing was it that made it so special?

andquot;It is hard to define,andquot; I told him. andquot;It is sort of red.andquot; It is like a French dressing but more on the country side of the charts. All I know is I love it and I have been putting it on my salads for many years.

When I opened the box of dressing I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice salad set including a wooden mixing bowl, four wooden serving bowls and a wooden fork and spoon. Don't you love to find a company that goes the extra mile to take care of its customers? Thank you, Sallie!

We have been talking about planting the garden area with some fresh vegetables and maybe a watermelon patch. The lower terrace at the lighthouse has traditionally been used as a garden, and now that I have several bottles of wonderful salad dressing I think it is time to rekindle that tradition.

Randy Ansley, the Battery Point Lighthouse keeper, can be reached at