By Hilary Corrigan

Triplicate staff writer

Smith River resident Robert Will set up his birdhouses and birdfeeders, made out of used PVC pipes and wood from old barns.

Canadian visitors Cliff and April Hope sold their natural cleaning products in a bid to cut back peoples' use of chemicals. The Crescent City stop was one of several as they travel North America for the year.

Healing Arts Center yoga teacher Erica Moore offered passers-by cups of a liver-cleaning tea. The warm, lemony drink also acts as an aphrodisiac, she warned, noting its damiana herb ingredient from the Mexican desert.

The annual Earth Arts Festival on Sunday hosted nearly 30 vendors who sold abalone-shell jewelry, landscape photos and paintings, tye-dye T-shirts and tapestries, vitamin-enriched snow cones, protein bars and energy drinks.

About 150 people stopped in, some to see the cultural dancers and childrens' routines, others to mark the globe's annual celebration.

The party sought to encourage all of them to start or continue any helpful little habits that might conserve the planet's natural resources.

andquot;Bit by bit, step by step, we'll get people to start thinking about what they do,andquot; said Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority director Kevin Hendrick.

Those steps could include wasting less, repairing instead of replacing items, sharing a single lawnmower with a neighbor.

andquot;The most important thing to remember is every individual counts,andquot; Hendrick said. andquot;The positive actions, the negative actions of an individual.andquot;

Animal and environmental groups promoted their work. Games let children peg pictures of the Klamath River dams for candy and win T-shirts by collecting clues and answering questions about environmental problems.

Children danced to flute, guitar and drum music by Huayllipacha, an Arcata-based trio of brothers from Peru. Upstairs, Al Gore's andquot;An Inconvenient Truthandquot; played on a TV.

andquot;It brings the community together to share things that we all love,andquot; Moore said of the event. andquot;The redwoods and the ocean.andquot;

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