By Thea Skinner

Triplicate staff writer

California economic informant Wayne Schell is returning to Del Norte County Wednesday to offer his recommendations for .

Schell, president and CEO of the California Association of Local Economic Developers, plans to conduct a three-part workshop at the Tri-agency Joint Authority meeting.

Schell has been in contact with local civic and business leaders for several months providing information. He will be joined by a team of economic experts in fields such as financing and enterprise zones.

The meeting includes: Schell's Economic Development 101 workshop; observations from community interviews with existing community plans; and specific recommendations to move Del Norte forward economically.

The joint meeting will involve the public community and the boards of the Crescent City Council, Del Norte Board of Supervisors and the Crescent City Harbor Commission. Various government and private entities engaged in local economic development are also invited.

andquot;We are fine tuning the process we started as a community,andquot; said David Finigan, vice chairman of the Tri-Agency Joint Powers Authority.

The meeting also will consist of other discussion topics such as organizing the structure of the economic development delivery system, including strategy and project development along with formation of a Redevelopment Authority in the harbor area.

Finigan anticipates that the recommendations will lead to the formation of a core agenda for growth in Del Norte County.