By Nicholos Grube

Triplicate Staff writer

Speeders beware: Law enforcement might be able to nab drivers more easily on Pebble Beach Drive if the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors approve traffic recommendations for the road.

The group will consider approving raising the speed limit 5 mph, from 35 mph to 40 mph, on Pebble Beach Drive from the intersection of Washington Boulevard to the parking lot at Point Saint George during a meeting Tuesday. By doing this, law enforcement can use radar to clock speeders on the short section of rural road.

There only have been four traffic accidents on the road in the past three years, and the average speed people traveled was 42.6 mph, according to the study.

In February, the county agreed to do the traffic study due to complaints of speeding and the number of accidents. In addition to Pebble Beach Drive, the study encompassed parts of Washington Boulevard and Northcrest Drive. These studies are not yet completed.

In addition to the traffic study, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will give a presentation concerning flood mapping in the Klamath Glen levee area.

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