If there is someone in Crescent City who does not yet know about the Tall Ships that will be visiting the first week of May they must have been out of town. Battery Point Lighthouse is ready to help keep ships off the rocks and give the visitors a great place to watch the ships. We are anticipating a lot of visitors because of our vantage point over the water. The tides are a little high in the afternoons that week, but the lighthouse will be open for normal hours, and in addition, we will be open for sunset tours the evenings that the tide allows. A tide chart will be posted on the parking lot sign as always.

In addition to our tours and open gift shop, we will be having knot-tying classes for the kids. Those would be sailors will learn to tie a Square Knot, a Bowline and a Sheep Shank. There will be no charge for the classes; this activity is just for fun.

A history lesson

Here is a little history for you this week. At the front of the lighthouse there are some large stone steps and one stone bench. Most people don't give them a second look, but they are actually some historical items from the ships that sailed into Crescent City in days gone by. These big rectangular stones were used as ballast on the old ships when they had no cargo. Ships needed to have a certain depth in the water called Draft in order to be stable.

When the ships came to town to load up with wood and other cargo they had these large stones in the hold to give them the proper buoyancy. These stones were removed before the cargo was brought on board and some of them found their way to the lighthouse to be recycled as a place to sit, and for steps leading down to the walkway that takes you up to the lighthouse entrance.


nearly ready!

And for everyone keeping track of city improvements, the new public bathrooms at the Battery Point parking lot are almost ready to open. The public works folks have taken the final steps to getting the project finished and the old portable potty has been removed. Enjoy!

Volunteers needed

The Lighthouse is still looking for some volunteers to help share these stories with visitors this summer. If you can volunteer a few days a week we would love to hear from you. Our volunteers are needed to help with tours and in the gift shop.

You will meet some very interesting people from all over the world, and help show off one of the coolest places on the northern California Coast.

Randy Ansley, the Battery Point Lighthouse keeper, can be reached at