To celebrate California Poet Laureate Al Young's Friday visit to Crescent City, The Daily Triplicate and the downtown Business Improvement District sponsored the Spring Poetry Contest for our community's youth. The theme was andquot;Living in Del Norte County.andquot;

We received more than 50 entries from children as young as seven and just starting their schooling to 17-year-olds thinking about going on to college. On Friday, the three winners - Cheryl Covington (grade school division), Cerina D. Aragones (middle school) and Lindsay Scholes (high school) were presented certificates and got to meet Young.

On the next few pages, we present all of the entries in the

poetry writing contest.

Crescent City

The trees are like heaven, and the birds are like Spring

The squirrels are so cute I could stand up and sing

Spain I don't think so, Sacramento that's absurd

but Crescent City is the most likely to be heard.

My school is good and my family is together

and Crescent City is the best city ever.

The people are nice but so is Crescent City,

the ocean is deep but oh so pretty.

The surfing is quite lovely when the waves are high.

I love living here.

I think I could cry.

-Sydney Caplinger, 7

My Favorite Place

Falling water

Falling water

Falling water

So peaceful in the wind

So gentle and quiet

Wind blowing through the trees

And the reflection onto the water

Slippery as ice

Calm as a whisper

Birds chirping

Wind blowing

Trees moving

My hair in the wind

The wind blowing on my face

How can you be so peaceful?

- Joshanna Norbur, 10

Living in Del Norte County

I enjoy a lot of things - small towns, many friends, clean drinking water and other things like that. There are a lot of things that are in my town and I love them so very dearly. I like to swim in the Smith River with the water so crystal clear when others are do dirty inside I stay away with fear. I hear the animals when they talk - hooting, mooing and screaming cries it makes me feel good that they are free inside. I love to see those pretty sites of green when they bloom in the summer but when they die it doesn't make me feel bad because it's just a sign of nature. There are a lot of flowers where I live and they seem to be so pretty, you can just sit there and watch them until they wilt in season. There are a lot of redwood trees where I live and everybody comes to see them. They come from all over the world because they are so rare. The ocean's another thing that is very pretty in sight with the crashing white caps. You can find seashells all over and also a lot of agates. I think other people like them because they're always out there looking. I like to hear the bell of joy of the lighthouse Point St. George and you can hear it from miles away. There are pretty sunsets and rises too and I always keep them in my heart. Del Norte County is a very pretty beautiful piece of art.

- Devan Achziger, 11

My Favorite Place

My favorite place is beautiful

Bright, and sparkling

Sunny, sparkling blue

As peaceful as a bird

As bright as the sun

Could you be more peaceful or beautiful?

How could you stay so quiet and peaceful

For so long?

Peaceful and beautiful

Peaceful and beautiful

Peaceful and beautiful

That is the only thing that runs through my mind when I see you.

- Johnny Carroll, 11

Life in Del Norte County

I'm walking in the forest

looking at mushrooms and redwood forest trees.

I also like to watch the seals and the whales.

That's what I like in Del Norte County.

- Jade Butcher, 9

My Happy Place

The forest is beautiful.

The sky is bright.

The forest has shadows but no color at night.

The bears are hungry and fill my sight.

Warm as the beach

Soft as the sky

Quiet as the wind

Were there houses nearby?

Peaceful forest

Peaceful forest

Peaceful forest

- John Wellman, 11

Gasquet River

at The Forks

Gasquet is as bright as a flower,

The river is as soft as a cat,

The river is as big as a mansion,

The river is as hot as the summer,

This river is a bright river,

This river is a soft river,

This river is a big river,

This river is a hot river.

- Ashlynn Chilcutt, 9

Oh Forest

Tall dark green redwood, tall as tall could be.

A trail turns into rock the farther you go.

You can mostly see the dark

There's a tree house in a tree

There's a little tiny stream that flows by

Little green plants everywhere

Little green plants everywhere

Little green plants everywhere

Little green plants everywhere

- Savannah Wellman, 10

Madame Gasquet's Resting Place

It is green, red, and blue

It has fresh water coming down

from the mountains and

Washing up from the rivers

to the graves

that makes the land

the colors of the rainbow.

Birds sing

and the water flows

The breeze breathes as deep as the wind

That makes the leaves fall gently on the ground

and the crickets sing like birds

What was it like when the graves were put in?

Were you happy to have your grave there?

Cold as the snow

As bright as the sun

Bright blue

Bright blue

Bright blue

- Haley Jones

Del Norte County

Daisies and ducks

Eagles and electricity

Leaves and logs

Needles and numbers

Outdoors and orange sun

Rain, rabbits and radios

Tomatoes and teachers

Eggs and evenings

Centers, cows and courage

Owls and otters

Umbrellas and owners of animals

Nests and neighbors

Trees, tours and towels

Yoyos, yogurt and yarn

- Autumn Richardson, 7

Del Norte County

I love the Warriors' football team because they play hard.

I like the ocean because you can make sand castles and you can catch

starfish. I love Ocean World because you can pet sharks and see seals doing


I like Alexandre Dairy because you can pet calves, you can see the cows and

you get to shake a bottle to make butter. Then you get a cracker with the

butter on it!

I like the Nature Center because you get to see Harry the Hawk and you get

to pet a humongous snake. I also like the corn snake and the opossum.

I love the Smith River because you can swim in it and catch fish in it. You

can let your dog swim in the river, too.

I love the redwoods because you can go on hikes.

I like baseball and basketball, too.

I like the Del Norte High School track because I can jump on the high jump.

- Ben Slayton, 7

Del Norte County

Fog covers the trees

Clouds rain raindrops

Sun and rain make


- Bailey Hartwick, 7

Steven's Point

Fish swim through your water

The waves hit just right

The sun shines in beautiful

Like wild animals

Trees give you life

Lots of room and space

Lots of bees and hornets

Steven's Point

You're always perfect

You're always perfect

You're always perfect

- Page McNeece, 10

The Tree Fort

Roads are smooth and

Skies are dark as tire marks

The water is as clean as a new car.

The fallen leaves are shiny in the sun.

The tree beauty numbs me.

The grass is tall as a skyscraper.

Pitch black

Pitch black

Pitch black

- Ryan Short, 10

A Lighthouse

A lighthouse is white with its red trim,

A lighthouse's light is bright it can't be dim.

A lighthouse stands at the sea's rim.

Ships depend on him.

In the ocean by the lighthouse you may swim.

- Kaitlin Malone, third grade

Things I Like about

Del Norte County

Delightful sunsets

Every day is beautiful

Lovely redwood trees

Nice friends and nice people

Octopuses live in the ocean

Raft on the river

There are lots of nice people

Each tree is beautiful

- Kailee Coopman, 7

Del Norte County

Ducklings and deer

Everybody can explore

Lovely lighthouses

Nests and neighbors

Oceans and octopus

Rivers and rain

Tennis courts and tractors

Everything is beautiful

- Breanna Richards, 8

Del Norte County

is the Best

Delightful city

Every day peaceful

Living in the city

Nothing is impossible

Other beautiful things

Really beautiful things

Things like animals

Everything you can do

Can you jump rope?

Other nice people

Under the sun

Nothing is ugly

The beautiful rainbows

Your God

- Jasmine Spoelman, 7

Del Norte County

is the Best

Jet boats, daffodils,

ducks, trees, swimming pools,

birds, butterflies,

fish, sunsets, rain,

rainbows, flowers, dogs,

grasshoppers, cats, leaves,

bees, jump for joy!,

turtles, ants, jump for

joy again!

- Jacobi Cox, 7

Fun in the Sun

in Gasquet

The Redwood trees

are the tallest in the world,

underneath which

ferns have unfurled.

Gasquet is the place

I like to call home,

my dog and cat live there too,

my cat's name is Ohm.

Through Gasquet snakes

the Smith River,

and when a soft wind blows

the tree's leaves quiver.

When I'm swimming in the river,

I like to splash and dive,

sometimes my dad swims with me,

we swim together

side by side.

- Phoebe Fickbohm, 9

Tree Fort

The ground is brown

The sky is blue

The ground is rough

The tree fort is smooth

The ground smells like mold

And the tree fort smells like food.

I hear streams

I hear cracks

It is rough

It is cold

It is freezing

Sometimes it is scary

It is the coolest place in the woods.

- Tony Todd, fourth grade

The Grave Yard

The trees are green

The ground is brown

The sunset is over the graves

I see the sun shining on the graves

I see the graves flashing in the water

Gasquet graves are my favorite place




- Cheryl Covington, 9

My Journey

Where it's sunny

Where it's near

Down the creek

I can hear

The color of my eyes

The surprise

The green moss growing everywhere

Let me hear the baby deer

I hear the small little waterfall.

The chirp of the bird

The sting of the bee

Do you like where you are?

Beautiful fall

Beautiful fall

Beautiful fall

- Rebecca Litton, 11

My Secret Place

Sun bursting though the trees

Water rushing down the square cement box

Two pipes so you can sit

Pipes long enough for ten people to sit

You can hear birds chirping

Crickets rubbing their legs together

And wind whisping through the trees

A tree standing tall

Above the cement box

Water trickling down the tree

Into the cement box

A beautiful view with trees

And all I could think of was

Peaceful and beautiful

Peaceful and beautiful

Peaceful and beautiful

It was as beautiful as an angel smiling

And shining like a diamond

It's my secret place.

- Meriah Short, 11

I Am

I am the tower of the sea.

Ships that sail by night depend on me.

I am the savior of the sea.

With my bright light for all to see.

I am the star of the sea.

Protecting all I see.

I am the lighthouse protecting you and me.

- Rachel Malone, fifth grade

From the Redwood Trees

From the redwood trees overlooking the town that is here

To the silent whispers of elk telling they're near

From the free flowing sea and all its wondrous creatures

To the blue sky above our heads

peeking through the clouds holding water beds

From the sweet sound of rain trickling down the window

while lightning sounds above

What is there not to love?

Del Norte is a wonderful place. Treasure it, you shall see.

Be a Del Norter just like me.

- McKenzie Amos, 10

Del Norte County

Del Norte County is a great place to stay

The birds are chirping every day.

I can go to the bay someday

And the park is a great place to play.

But sometimes the rain gets in the way!

- Zoe Critz, 6

My People

We have our jerks

We have our quirks

Some are sad

And some are bad

But these are my people

Some from under the steeple

Some from school

And some are cool

I have my friends and foes

Then we have just plain weirdos

But this is my town

Even though we have at least one clown

These are my people

- Alexandria Goodrich, 11

Del Norte County

Del Norte County

Land of Bounty

Tear drops of morning dew

And a roaring ocean view.

Open green valleys

And no dark creepy alleys.

Towering redwood trees

And a chilly evening breeze.

The mouths of flowing rivers

Diving in and getting shivers.

Del Norte County,

Small free-minded communities

Rejoicing in extensive unity.

- Auburn Wise, 14

Ode to Del Norte

Del Norte is?

D-Downright beautiful

E-Endert's Beach

L-Loggers hard at work

N-Nine or more beaches

O-Ocean views wherever you go

R-Rest at many of our beautiful hotels

T-Tsunami warnings occasionally

E-Environmental studies on many of our endangered species

Del Norte County is the only place for me

But what do I know?

I think I have just gotten stung by a bee!!

- Riley Sheets, 12

Lucky to be

in Del Norte County

Living in Del Norte is like a dream

Go to a beach, hike a trail, get some ice cream

Mom always tells me we're lucky to live here

Because the beach is what we are near

We live near more than just the ocean

Redwoods, good people, amazing animals in motion

It makes me want to stay here

Because of so much we are near

- Makenzy Williams, 11

Thank You, Del Norte County

As I walk in the cool, green forest,

I hear the redwoods whisper,

andquot;Thank you.andquot;

As I run through the never ending grassland,

I hear the elks grunt,

andquot;Thank you.andquot;

As I swim in the clear, refreshing river,

I hear the salmon gurgle,

andquot;Thank you.andquot;

As I sail through the ocean,

I hear the seals bark,

andquot;Thank you.andquot;

As I skip on the river bank,

I hear the geese honk,

andquot;Thank you.andquot;

As I trudge through the marshes,

I hear the hawks call,

andquot;Thank you.andquot;

andquot;Thank you

For this land that stayed

Clean and open

For creatures like us.andquot;

andquot;Thank you

For keeping us

Safe and with a home,

While cities around us grow.andquot;

andquot;Thank you

Del Norte County,

Because you are all

That we need.andquot;

andquot;Thank you

And we just wish,

Other placeswill strive

To become like you.andquot;

andquot;Thank you.andquot;

- Cerina D. Aragones, 14

OurBeautiful Trees

I love the trees so big and green,

they climb up and up, and always lean.

I love the redwoods and evergreens,

They're beautiful with green as they shine and beam,

Deciduous leaves arebrown and red,

They fall to the ground and are dead.

Some are short, some are tall,

Some are cut and they fall,

You can make paper and houses,

Luckily with no mouses.

There are ugly, there are pretty,

But don't make a pity,

There are good there are bad,

Some areeven totally rad.

They need water,they need light,

But be careful because they are nice and bright,

They need air, they need soil,

Unlike a snake they won't coil.

- Abbey Zlokovich, 12

Beautiful Town

Although this town is beautiful

There is something I must say

The streets are all so pitiful

And show no city way

The town should be more like the house I live inside

It's very, very beautiful

And shows our family pride

I think the town should be more that just a few malls

I will come back in a month or so and what will I find?

I hope to find a town that has more than just ocean

I hope it is beautiful enough to make me cry

Wow! I'm back and it is beautiful

I am crying

I hope you learned your lesson from what I said today

I think it should be easy to keep our town this way

Please do not trash it

Make it homelike to the visitors

Let them not bash it

The town is just the way that I had in mind

This town is very beautiful

Our hopes and dreams are in it

The streets are not so pitiful

And are very, very authentic

But your work is not done

There is one more job to be finished

I think what you should do is have a little fun

And invite everyone in it

- Samantha Titus, 12

Beauty of Del Norte

Del Norte is a place to be,

Filled with kindness and love

Del Norte is a place to be,

Beautiful birds fly high above

Del Norte is a place to live,

Redwoods grow to the sky

Del Norte is a place to live,

Its nature talks without a lie

Del Norte is a place to enjoy,

It has a spiritual heart

Del Norte is a place to enjoy,

Its nature is a form of art

Del Norte is a wonderful place,

Trees and gardens grow

Del Norte is a wonderful place,

Its gentle people know

Del Norte is a delightful place,

Beautiful waves sway in the ocean

Del Norte is a delightful place,

It has a powerful motion

- Pedro Gonzalez, 13


My home by the sea

Is the only place for me

Sometimes I look with intriguing wonder at the crashing waves

While other times I just have my days

My life is nowhere perfect by any means

But hey! What can I say, I'm in my teens

My life here is just right

I love to look at the stars at night

Everything I have is here

So I'll always be near

The most beautiful place I've ever seen

Is this magical city by the sea

For the tourists it's a pity

Cuz they don't live in my home of beautiful Crescent City

- Sasha Ramsey, 15


Crescent City

Watch the ocean

Hear its roar

Feel its almighty presence

And know you're not alone anymore

Quake and quiver

With the lords great rumble

The waves break upon the sand

They shatter over the rocks

White foam creeps over the land

The sun ripples over the water

Now so calm and still

Its glow builds a bridge to heaven

The golden gates one mighty grill

They overlook God's garden

Of all those ancient trees

Each one tells a story

That's why they stand so prestigiously

Through those tall old Fathers of Red

Runs a river emerald green

Past the locks of pebbles breaks its many streams

Streams as mighty as the river

As small as they may seem

Most strive to get to heaven

Most think it's far away

Some think a piece of it fell down

And hit earth one day

- Kaitlyn Rinkevicz, 15


For you who looks out through prison bars

On cement barriers and hungry barbwire claws

Holding out a paper cup to snatch the rain

Set diagonal to catch the angle

To match the slant

In which your body once pressed gainst black umbrella stems


Had you a chance to do it over

Maybe you'd lie your armor down for a minute and let it wash you sober

For the youth sitting stagnant on sidewalks wishing they could leave

If only they knew

Life's only a measurement of ones capacity to dream

For the wanderer that is everyone, (almost)

Who lies beneath redwood temples only to see


And for the seagull that wades between foggy white vapors and celestial (hidden spaces)

Dropping from its great height

Warm titanium white gifts of gooey wet splatter

To remind us we are human?

Or simply a paint pallet fit for the heavens

- Angela May, 17

Why Live Here?

Why live in this boring place?

Why live in this empty space?

Why live here with rain and no sun?

When you could live someplace fun.

Sure there are advantages like the shore,

and don't forget the prisoners right next door.

Why live here with nothing but tall trees?

Why live here with expensive movie fees?

Why live here where the boats gather?

Living here I would not rather.

I live here it's plain to see,

the joy of friendship makes it right for me.

- Rustin Thor Hadfield, 14

Del Norte

Don't let it trick you

sometimes dark, white or blue,

the skies of this city

are sometimes very witty.

In the summers it's very? Hot.

In the winters it is so? Not.

Not a lot to do but there is a lot to see

Like beaches, rivers, and

the Great Redwood Trees.

When you're here for 15 days

in the summer it's sweet.

Here for 15 years and you're pretty beat.

Always tourists traveling around,

taking pictures, and driving so slow

you're sitting in your car

screaming go, go, go!

Tourists start doing stupid things like

standing in the road to get a good

picture of the tree

or see someone jumping off

bridges or out of trees

so they try it too

it is pretty funny to watch too

you learn the longer you're here.

I am glad I have all I have

from the beaches to the Redwood trees

The weather may be a little tricky

but you have to be witty.

- Katie Northrup, 15

One Point

There lies a point in time and space

Where Winter seldom shows his face

Here in this immortal place

The land grows old but never ages

There is a rhythm;


A silent pattern;


With which we choose to pace our lives

And follow with contented eyes

Scattered amongst familiar sands

Strewn with agates eluding our hands

Hide long-forgotten pasts imprinted

With footsteps of future reminiscence

Waves lap over the roots we stretch

Into the ground, and further yet

Reach branches of homes, fathers, lives

Reflecting ancient woods that climb

Far above the ocean border

From the smallest seeds spring the mightiest giants;

Growing symbols in utter defiance

Of time


One point

A faint, remissible token

But a chain that lacks one link is still broken

Measured against the length of time

All meaning is lost,

But here we find

A corner of the Earth reserved

For those who, seeing,

Always heard

The silent rhythm, intangibly felt

Untraceable patterns upon which are built

Our lives, experiences, which interlace

In one single point

In time and space.

- Lindsay Scholes, 17

A Day in Del Norte County

A day in Del Norte County,

With freezing rain that pour,

The sea is like a lion,

That washes up ashore.

You hear the thunder growling,

Just miles that you can hear,

Next moment raise the sun,

That makes it disappear.

Flowers start to sprout,

And voice begin to rise,

Soon workers start to leave,

Again the county dies.

- Xiong Lee, 15

Del Norte - The Best In Our Heart

Roses are red,

Del Norte is blue,

Forests are green,

Redwoods are too.

Sugar is sweet,

Del Norte is full,

Friends, we have,

Hands we hold.

Mornings are cold,

Nights the same,

Del Norte's weather,

Full of rain.

Seagulls win fly,

Fish will swim,

Kids will play,

Games to win.

Rivers will flow,

Ocean will rave,

Del Norte assists,

Animals we save.

Diamonds are clear,

Del Norte is green,

Towns we have,

Beaches we clean.

Stars are high,

Del Norte so low,

So diverse,

Head to toe.

Summers are warm,

Winters are dark,

Del Norte's the best,

The best in our heart.

- Windy Yang, 15

Del Norte Daze

Living in Del Norte County

Every day there is much to be seen,

much to be done

Places to go to have fun

You might visit Battery Point Lighthouse

on a weekend

or run on the sandy beaches

and develop a new trend

You might visit the boat dock one day

or experience the redwood trees, such a wonderful array

Sun is cool

Rain is cold

If it's sunny, jump in a pool

Jog when it's raining, be bold

Wonderful days are ahead

Not much more is to be said

Living in Del Norte County

The best place to be

With great places to see

And weather that's changing

With every temperature ranging

- Thomas Trevio, 14

Living in the Rain

A little boy leans against the window pane

How sad it must be, living in the rain.

You get that feeling when the clouds blow this way

That you'll be so bored because you can't play.

Alas, this must happen so many times a year

Especially when you live around here.

Del Norte County is the name.

Oh, how many times must it rain?

He's lost count and won't ever try

Instead he remains to wonder why.

Why can't he ever play his favorite games?

Because every time it has to rain.

He has moved here from a sunny plain

Where it hardly ever had to rain.

andquot;You'll make friends,andquot; his mom said to him

But he's yet to make even one friend.

No football, no soccer, and nowhere to go,

Nothing inside to do, not even a show.

All of a sudden a bunch of kids run out

Starting to jump around and shout.

The little boy ponders over this scene,

Then the kids all join teams

The little boy comes out to ask them why

They want to play ball when the field's not dry?

They simply explain a matter of change

Sooner or later you get used to the rain

Then it does not stop all of your fun

While playing ball, who needs sun?

Playing football can't be stopped

The ball just might be sometimes dropped.

If you think it's actually quite a shame

That we're the ones who get to live in the rain

After a long day's playing of mudball

The little boy had an opinion overall.

Your pants may dirty and your shirt may stain

But who doesn't love living in the rain?

- Sean Ransom, 14

Living In Del Norte County

Sea, forest and rain collide

Beautiful lush green trees with beams of sunlight that shoot through the patches, soft moss growth all over them and leaves that rustle in the wind. These are the trees that so many come to see, and you have them in your backyard. No words can capture the magnificence of these young and shaggy, yet gorgeous and tall monsters.

Turbulent unpredictable ocean that bashes against the rocky shoreline with every crash of a wave. Salt air whisked about by the fluffy breeze tickles your nose. The icy water may look inviting on a sunny day, but don't let her looks deceive you. Into that frightful ocean you go, with no protection from her cold you turn into an icicle of a man.

Sky like the pure blue diamond interrupted by puffs of pale white clouds floating over the bustling town. Afternoon appears as a burst of bright orange at the horizon. Pink in the flare of cloud above with purple following.

The cruel stinging unmerciful sideways buckets of rain continues through the wet months. Never knowing if you'll ever see sunlight again. Your only escape is the highway. Far away from the town where you reside.

- Rachel Waters, ninth grade

Many And Wonderful Exploration Around Del Norte County

When I first move here, I thought this County was boring! As I grew up, my parent have relative in this county. When I was about six to seven year old I finally went out to explore the county I'm living. Now, I'm still here at Del Norte County the age of fifteen. I have explored more than I usually did back then. What I explore around here was the Redwood Trees, Smith River and the Mountains and more around Del Norte County. Exploring around these, I feel that I was at home exploring in my own forest, but more. I can smell the fresh mountain when I go hiking and feel the breeze and the wonderful air up in the mountains; it feels like I wanted to fly always to the sky. The river is cold like the mountains but it's a floating land flowing always. Rivers is like a home to me because it has shelter and it is peace and calm. Also you will get sunshine at the beach. Rivers, there are many beautiful trees around there and with the sunshine it makes a good background when we take a picture. Sometime when people don't go to the river they like to explore the redwood trees. When I went through the forest around the redwood trees, I spy on many animals and creatures who live around or near the redwood trees, I see paw prints when I come to a near river place and the redwood trees where they all live. There are more to explore but this is how far I got to this stage. Maybe I would retrace my footstep and go explore another time with many other people and my family. So don't think Del Norte County is boring, just go out and explore. You may want to go during summer, spring, fall, or even winter if you wanted to.

- Michelle Lee, 15