By Nicholas Grube

Triplicate staff writer

A three-time convicted child molester who was about to be released into the community will be institutionalized indefinitely after a judge deemed him to be a .

Del Norte County Judge Robert Weir decided to keep Cornelius J. Boyle in custody for an undetermined amount of time after hearing arguments from prosecuting and defense attorneys earlier this week.

andquot;It seems to me like this is a rather draconian thing to do to somebody,andquot; Boyle's attorney William Cater said during Monday's proceedings. andquot;It's clear by his record that Mr. Boyle has not committed a sexual offense in the state of California.andquot;

Boyle, 49, was convicted in Del Norte County Superior Court in 2004 for failing to register as a sex offender. But it is his previous convictions that led to his classification as a violent sexual predator.

andquot;There is no requirement that he victimize someone in this state,andquot; Del Norte District Attorney Mike Riese said in court. andquot;That he victimized someone in Virginia is enough.andquot;

While living in Virginia, Boyle was convicted of sexual battery three times over a 20-year span. His victims ranged in age from 7-years-old to 10-years-old, and were both male and female. According to court records, these children were not Boyle's only victims. He claimed, in the documents, to have had multiple sexual encounters with numerous children but not being caught for abusing some of them.

After criminal and psychological evaluations were presented to the court, Weir determined that Boyle presented a danger to the community and that he would likely engage in sexually violent acts upon his release.

andquot;Therefore,andquot; Weir said, andquot;he will be committed as a sexually violent predator,andquot; to Atascadero State Hospital, with an undetermined length of sentence.

After the hearing, Riese said, andquot;Definitely we wanted him housed indefinitely, so he doesn't leave any more victims in his wake.andquot;

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