CENTRAL POINT, Ore. - A site with Crescent City connections may soon join the Oregon state park system. Fort Lane near Central Point, Ore., - a site that's been andquot;looted like madandquot; according to Mark Tveskov, the director of the Southern Oregon University Laboratory and Anthropology. He said that andquot;a lot of stuff has been found out there.andquot; Researchers found bottles, dishes, buttons, shoe pieces, horse tack and part of a domino, along with an 1854 U.S. silver quarter shaped into a spur. Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission has agreed to accept the 19-acre property from Jackson County, and create a plan to protect the site. Officials declined to disclose the exact site of the fort, built in 1853 after a skirmish between American Indians and European settlers. To build the fort, glass windows and kegs of nails were hauled overland from Crescent City.