By Thea Skinner

Triplicate staff writer

Del Norte County residents and businesses could not connect to the Internet Monday morning for about two hours.

The outage occurred when Charter Communications workers moved two routers to a newly constructed facility located in Medford, Ore.

andquot;We are transitioning to a new state of the art facility,andquot; said Frank Antonovich, vice president and general manager for Charter Communications in the northwest. andquot;The router was not talking to the other router.andquot;

Local Internet , also known as broadband, have one access route through Medford, Ore.

When the transition is complete, the connection andquot;will be one of the most state of the art facilities in the northwest,andquot; Antonovich said. andquot;Maintenance windows usually occur between midnight and 6 a.m. We try to make difficulties as meaningless as possible.andquot;

The outage affected residents living outside and inside Crescent City limits.

andquot;It backlogged our paperwork,andquot; said Gerald Ham, manager of Ray's Food Place in Crescent City. andquot;We could not input our voucher checks into the system. We enter them in every day.

andquot;WIC vouchers need to be keyed online every day. It is amazing how much we rely on computers. I think the debits and credits still worked.andquot;

Charter Communications new facility will give Medford several high-level engineering positions.

The new facility and Internet outage comes at a time when Crescent City and Del Norte County are planning to attract people to the city and revitalize the economy with the infrastructure project headed by Informatics Consulting Services Owner John Irwin.

In a partnership with Charter Communications, broadband services will be increased locally.

andquot;Route redundancy is a multiple path for telecommunications,andquot; Irwin said. andquot;Right now we only have one, so if it is down we are out of service. There are no fiber optics south of Crescent City.andquot;

The expansion Irwin is developing will provide multiple routes, allowing Del Norte to increase its capacity for more business. andquot;Businesses will need to download fast for things such as computer aided design for engineering,andquot; Irwin said. andquot;Charter is at five mega bits but we will download at 10 megabits per second. Time is money.andquot;