By Nicholas Grube

Triplicate staff writer

Crescent City Council Member Herb Kolodner surprised everyone at Monday's council meeting when he announced his immediate resignation.

andquot;I find that it is not acceptable, it is not possible for me to serve on the City Council,andquot; Kolodner said while reading from a prepared letter. He said his resignation comes due to health problems that prevented him from doing his elected duty.

andquot;My health has deteriorated, particularly my hearing,andquot; Kolodner said, adding that he also has deteriorating mobility. andquot;Too many things are said that I can't catch.andquot;

Kolodner said he did not want his lack of hearing to result in poor decision-making that would affect the city.

andquot;In other words,andquot; Kolodner said, andquot;tonight's the last night you'll see me up here.andquot;

However, Kolodner could not break away as easily as planned. Council members and city staff asked if Kolodner could stay on the council until they had the proper opportunity to find a replacement for the six-year council veteran.

Instead, they asked if Kolodner would consider staying on the council for two more meetings, in effect asking him to withdraw his resignation until the council's May 7 meeting.

After short consideration, Kolodner agreed to the slight delay in his council retirement.

At the next city council meeting, April 16, the group will decide how to fill Kolodner's vacancy. A special election is a possibility.

, but, because the other four members of the council were elected to their spots, the council can appoint someone to Kolodner's position.