Triplicate staff

The S.S. Emidio yet again may take another voyage.

On Monday, the Crescent City Council will continue talks to move the memorial from its current Beachfront Park location to an upcoming development on H Street that is owned by Bill Stamps Jr.

The president of the St. George Reef Lighthouse Preservation Society, Guy Towers, said at the last council meeting that Stamps Jr. contacted him and offered to pay restoration costs of the memorial. Towers also relayed Stamps Jr.'s idea of moving the S.S. Emidio hull from Front Street to H Street across the street from the post office.

To move the S.S. Emidio, which is a historical landmark, the city would need approval from the State Office of Historical Preservation - a point of discussion at Monday's meeting.

The S.S. Emidio is a United States oil tanker that was shot by Japanese torpedoes 200 miles north of San Francisco in 1941. Five crew members were killed and the ship drifted to Crescent City's harbor.