Triplicate staff

An argument between two individuals led to more violence at Toreros Famosas Mexican Restaurant over the weekend.

Early Sunday morning Paul G. Herrera took his drink from the bar, smashed it into Randy Hodson Jr.'s face and began punching Hodson Jr. while he was on the ground, according to reports from the Crescent City Police Department.

Sgt. Garrett Scott said a significant amount of skin ripped away from Hodson Jr.'s cheek and that he lost a good amount of blood.

andquot;Based on the severity of the injury, (Herrera) was charged with assault with a deadly weapon,andquot; Scott said, which is a felony.

This is the second major incident of violence stemming from arguments at Toreros, a popular late-night drinking and dancing destination.

On March 10, Andre Jose Gonzalez, 24, stabbed James Banuelos in the middle of Waldo Street after the two had a physical altercation at Toreros earlier in the evening. Police arrested Gonzalez on charges of attempted murder.