The Crescent City Commission may block some public access to the beach near Shoreline RV Park.

The Crescent City Harbor District commissioners will consider the request Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the harbor office conference room at 101 Citizens Dock Road.

Crescent City officials have asked the harbor to limit access to the area that leads to the beach near the city's RV park after complaints of people taking trucks and other vehicles onto the beach at night, said Harbormaster Richard Young. The harbor could post signs, chain off the area or pass a law limiting access.

The board may also approve Caito Fisheries Inc.'s request to add a second hoist at the harbor in time for next year's crab season.

The board will also review a proposed state law that would require the harbor to create an advisory group of community members to oversee the elected body. Young aims to oppose the measure, saying that it burdens a small community that has access to public meetings.

The harbor board will outline options for salmon season, as well. In a closed-door sesssion at 5:15 p.m., members will discuss a possible lawsuit.