By Nicholas Grube

Triplicate staff writer

The county's Board of Supervisors discussed what stance it might take on proposed regulation changes that would restrict the use of lead bullets when hunting big game mammals and non-game birds and mammals during its Tuesday meeting.

Under the proposed changes there is a andquot;no changeandquot; policy that would keep current regulations for lead shot. The second option would be to restrict the use of lead shot in areas that actually have condors. The third choice would be to ban lead shot statewide.

andquot;Too often we've seen regulations in another part of the state that will affect us here,andquot; District Five Supervisor Dave Finigan said in response to proposed California Fish and Game Commission regulations design-ed to protect the California condor from lead poisoning.

But procedurely before the Board of Supervisors can officially comment on the potential restrictions - the deadline if April 1 - it must allow the Del Norte Fish and Game Advisory Commission to recommend a stance.

andquot;There's a discussion that needs to happen before the board does anything,andquot; Assistant County Administrative Officer Jay Sarina said of sending the discussion to the Fish and Game Advisory Commission.

Unfortunately, the commission has had troubles even holding meetings lately because it is short-handed and cannot form a quorum to take action.

Currently, there are two vacancies on the commission and a third is coming due to the resignation of another member.

andquot;The last Fish and Game (Advisory Commission) meetings have more people there than at the Board of Supervisors meetings,andquot; Finigan said, adding that they need to get volunteers to get on the commission so things can get done. andquot;It's coming to a meltdown stage.andquot;

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