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The Del Norte County Board of Supervisors today will discuss proposed changes in regulations that could restrict hunters from using lead bullets to take big game mammals and non-game birds and mammals.

The proposed regulations come from the California Fish and Game Commission in an effort to protect the endangered California condor from lead poisoning.

andquot;Right now it wouldn't affect Del Norte County,andquot; Assistant County Administrative Officer Jay Sarina said.

But that doesn't mean that it won't in the future.

andquot;They (the California Fish and Game Commission) have a three pronged alternative,andquot; Sarina said. andquot;One is no change to current regulations ... two is restricted lead shot, bullets, etc. (in areas that have condors) ... and three is to not allow lead shot statewide.andquot;

The California Fish and Game Commission said if the regulations were adopted there wouldn't be a significant impact on business statewide, but there would be an impact on small businesses - however, the extent is unknown.

The board also will discuss proposed regulations from the California Air Resources Board that aims to reduce diesel particulate matter and other emissions from off-road diesel-fueled vehicles.

These regulations would not include recreational or commercial marine vehicles, rather they would affect vehicles used for construction, government and industrial operations.

andquot;I know it's going to affect our county,andquot; District Four Supervisor Gerry Hemmingsen said.

If the emissions regulations are accepted small municipalities, such as those in Del Norte County, will require all vehicles to be powered by engines built during or after 1994. However, private commercial operators must re-equip their vehicles using engines built in 2006 or later.

andquot;In our area most of the construction equipment is older,andquot; Hemmingsen said. And this could have an adverse impact on the cost of construction for the county, city and local businesses, he added.

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