By Nicholas Grube

Triplicate staff writer

Crescent City Police seized 11 bags of heroin and 11 syringes during a traffic stop Tuesday evening.

Officers found the contraband along with illegal prescription drugs and $700 in the vehicle of James Lawrence Brown, 45, Crescent City.

According to city police Sgt. Garrett Scott, two baggies contained tobacco with heroin- loaded syringes hidden inside.

andquot;We don't know exactly what their intentions were, but they had names on them,andquot; Scott said, adding that they might have been packaged that way to smuggle them into a secure facility such as a prison or jail.

Scott said he was unsure of the exact amount of heroin found, but added that it's a andquot;fair amountandquot; with an estimated street value of andquot;about $500.andquot; Each bag, he said, probably contained enough for one person to use. In total, there was probably less than an ounce.

andquot;You don't really come across (heroin) very often,andquot; Scott said, because users tend to be very careful and secretive. But he added that it is still a problem.

andquot;Heroin, it definitely is a problem,andquot; he said. andquot; is number one, and heroin is next to that.andquot;

Also on the scene with Sgt. Scott were Officer Eric Capon, who made the traffic stop, Officer Dominic Mello, who with K-9 Zeus found the heroin, and Officer-in-training Jason Gill.

Brown is charged with felony counts of heroin possession and possession of illegal prescription medication. He is already on probation for previous drug violations.

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