By Hilary Corrigan

Triplicate staff writer

More than a dozen people turned out at a Del Norte County Fish and Game Advisory Commission meeting Thursday night critical of either a lack of access to the shore off of Kellogg Beach Road for off-road vehicle riders or of the impact that the vehicles continue to cause.

Over-regulation on fishing, logging and recreational uses such as off-road vehicle riding has degraded the region and its appeal to , said local resident Bruno Desolenni.

andquot;I'm really disgusted,andquot; Desolenni said. andquot;We're too environmentally sensitive over something that doesn't even matter.andquot;

The argument has continued over the year since the state park department issued rules that block off-road vehicles from the dunes in the Kellogg Beach Road area.

Commission member Brian Morris wants to see riders and those concerned with their impact map out separate riding areas, with the help of the state parks division that manages off-road vehicles.

District 4 Supervisor Gerry Hemmingsen also wants to see areas designated for off-road vehicle use.

andquot;It doesn't make any sense,andquot; said Hemmingsen, who recently toured the county's former landfill area as a possible riding site. andquot;There should be some sort of balance.andquot;

The commission will discuss the issue again at its next meeting in March. The group that advises the county board of supervisors meets the first Thursday of each month.