By Nicholas Grube

Triplicate staff writer

Search and rescue teams will employ specially trained water dogs on Wednesday in hopes of finding the body of a tourist who is believed to have fallen into the Smith River last week.

Search teams have been looking for 56-year-old Tulelake resident Robert Woodman who was first reported missing Thursday night, and will use dogs from the California Rescue Dog Associat-ion to help locate his body.

The CARDA water dogs - trained to smell human decomposition coming from under the water - will work in and along the river in hopes of finding Woodman. These are the same dogs that were used to find the body of Chester Bolen, a Crescent City man who fell into the Smith River last month when his boat was dragged under the current.

Officials believe that Wood-man fell into the river east of Hiouchi, near milepost 8.15 on U.S. Hwy 199. He was last seen by another angler fishing alone on the river bank, wearing rain gear, rubber boots and no flotation device. Woodman's pack and fishing equipment also were found in this area.

Woodman was a long time visitor to the area and an avid fisherman, according to rescue workers who spoke with family and friends. He frequently fished along the banks of the Smith River, especially near milepost marker 8.15.

If found dead, Woodman will be the second person to die in the Smith River this year.