By Cornelia de Bruin

Triplicate staff writer

Crescent City's top planner wants to meet with Del Norte County Fairgrounds CEO to determine which events fall under each entity's supervision.

City Planner Will Caplinger broached some of his concerns to members of the city's Planning Commission last week.

California fairgrounds, which receive funding from the state Racing Commission, are mandated to promote the state's agriculture and its products.

Given that mandate, Caplinger feels that gives the county full rein over events such as the summer Farmer's Market.

But he also feels that events such as car and tool sales, or weekend concerts are in the city's jurisdiction.

andquot;They would need a temporary use permit,andquot; said Caplinger. andquot;We can also impose conditional use permits.andquot;

Caplinger hasn't yet set up a meeting with Fairgrounds CEO Randy Hatfield but intends to do so soon, he told planning commissioners.

On some of the points Caplinger raised, Hatfield is in agreement: concerts and receptions at which alcohol is served.

andquot;There should be a process for law enforcement, they should review concerts and have a sign-off on them,andquot; Hatfield said.

The fairgrounds' current policy is that events honoring a juvenile may not include alcoholic beverages.

andquot;When alcohol is served at concerts, we require security,andquot; said Hatfield. andquot;We have had parking lot issues with some of the concerts for teens.andquot;

Concert-goers leaving the event to drink beer they have in their vehicles is one specific issue.

Regarding Caplinger's other points, however, Hatfield said he andquot;doesn't know where he's coming from.andquot;

andquot;I will wait to hear from him, but my concern is that we don't cut into the revenue for the fairgrounds,andquot; he said.