By Nicholas Grube

Triplicate staff writer

The Crescent City Council approved an ordinance that would allow a 70-foot-tall structure to be built near the harbor.

In a unanimous 4-0 decision - council member Irene Tynes was absent - the council amended a municipal code to allow the construction of a mixed-use commercial and residential building on the site of the former seafood processing and ice plant near Ocean World on U.S. Highway 101 South. Given the parameters of the amendment the building could be anywhere from 45 to 70 feet tall.

andquot;Under the current commercial-manufacturing plan, there isn't much you can do down there,andquot; said City Planner William Caplinger.

The council seemed to fully support the exploration of different use by the harbor.

andquot;The best use would be to tear (the old plant) down and start from scratch,andquot; said Council Member Herb Kolodner.

He added that Crescent City needs to support projects such as this to attract interest in the town and keep people from living in places like Brookings, Ore.

andquot;I think it's time we look ahead and see what we can do to beautify the city and the entrances to the city,andquot; Kolodner said.