By Nicholas Grube

Triplicate staff writer

At Monday's joint meeting of the Crescent City Council and Del Norte County Board of Supervisors, officials brainstormed how the two entities could work together as a more cohesive governmental cooperative.

They discussed specific areas where coordination between the city and county staff could benefit the entire community. Some of the specific issues they addressed were the library, parks and recreation, code enforcement, the drug task force and improvements in economic development.

Though no action was taken, Monday's meeting presented many ideas and seemed to be enthusiastically accepted by both governmental bodies as a step in the right direction.

andquot;This kind of integration and cooperation is something we all wanted,andquot; District Five Supervisor David Finigan said.

By combining their resources and integrating city and county staff services would not only have the opportunity to be cheaper for the community but the overall quality of service would increase, said District Four Supervisor Gerry Hemmingsen.

andquot;I don't think anything should be left off the table when we look at things that we can consolidate,andquot; Hemmingson said in reference to finding ways to improve services for the community.

In addition to improving cost efficiency and increasing the quality of services, the joint committee said it would look at other ways to avoid stepping on city or county toes.

andquot;We also need to look at our conflicting ordinances we have,andquot; District Two Supervisor Martha McClure said of the city and county.

But even with the number of ideas manufactured at the joint brainstorming session, it is unclear when integration will truly begin.

andquot;What we're trying to get to is seamless service, but there's an incredible amount of homework that we need to do before we get there,andquot; McClure said.

The city council and county board will again convene in a joint session to discuss in greater detail how they will begin combining their services. This meeting will be held April 16 at 4:30 p.m. inside the Cultural Center.