By Karen Wilkinson

Triplicate staff writer

Jordan Lacy didn't know his older brother wrote poetry.

But the night before Josh Lacy's death, Josh read to him three poems two about football and wrestling and the other about his grandmother's delicious cookies.

andquot;Football is fun, wrestling is great, I'd rather play sports than go on a date,andquot; a stanza from one said, which Jordan read Friday night at Josh's memorial at Del Norte High School.

andquot;I love my grandma's cookies, with chocolate, milk and tea, when I stop and smell the cookies, I yell, 'yipee,'andquot; a stanza from another poem read.

Both sides of the high school gym were mostly filled, as Josh's family, friends, coaches and pastors spoke of his life and recounted memories.

Josh, a popular 15-year-old wrestler and football player, was struck by a vehicle Jan. 12 on U.S. Highway 101 near a school bus stop. He died the next day of head trauma, as he struggled to breathe, leading to oxygen deprivation, which caused massive brain swelling and his death.

andquot;Everything was now, nothing could wait, unless of course you were waiting for him,andquot; said his step-father Jeremy Lacy. andquot;He looked through this world with a glass that was full.andquot;

His mother, Carlene Lacy, remembered Josh as a third-grader who talked too much during class and would often come home with notes saying so.

After Carlene told him she didn't want to see another such note, Josh proceeded to talk in school the next day and got his name written on the board.

So Josh had two classmates wipe his name off, after he'd paid them $8.

Friends also spoke of Josh's good heart and intentions.

Freshman Crystal Wise recalled just last year as eighth-graders, after she'd lost the class president election and was crying, how he came up to her and said, andquot;I voted for you.andquot;

Redwood Elementary School students started a change drive to donate to Josh's benevolent fund and are holding a dance next month to also raise money.

The high school plans to plant a tree outside with a plaque to memorialize Josh.

Wrestling coach Dave Boker said there is no answer to the big question why?

andquot;That young man never, ever gave up,andquot; he said. andquot;I guarantee you Lacys, he'll have a spot in my heart forever.andquot;


CHP asks community for help in finding hit-and-run driver

The California Highway Patrol is seeking more assistance from the community in locating the vehicle that struck and killed 15-year-old Josh Lacy on Jan. 12.

They are looking for a red, maroon or purple car, van or truck that will have front-end damage, with possible damage on the driver's side.

To help find the vehicle, the CHP created a list of specific efforts the public can make to help:

?If you own or oversee large tracts of land or isolated vacant lots, inspect the property and look for the described vehicle.

?If you know of someone who regularly drove a vehicle that fits the description and have not seen that vehicle since Jan. 12, call the CHP.

?If, while traveling back roads, mountain roads or forest service roads, you find an abandoned vehicle that matches the description, call the CHP.

?If hiking or walking along the beach and you see the aforementioned vehicle, call CHP.

In all instances, the CHP asks that you treat the area like a crime scene. Don't touch anything and call the CHP immediately.

The CHP canbe reached at 707-464-3117 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, or at 707-268-2000 after hours and on weekends.

- Triplicate staff