Triplicate staff

Police arrested two 17-year-old girls at gunpoint Wednesday after an officer spotted them riding through the streets of Crescent City shooting a handgun.

The girls were in a sport utility vehicle with three other juveniles and a 72-year-old driver, Marge Reaves of Crescent City, on the 1000 block of Gary Street, when Crescent City Police Officer Bob Barber first heard shots.

He then saw a flash coming from a gunbarrel at 9:30 p.m. After pulling the vehicle over, Barber held the passengers at gunpoint until back-up from the city police and Del Norte County Sheriff's Office arrived. Barber searched the vehicle and found the weapon - an air-powered BB gun.

He arrested the two girls for shooting the imitation firearm and released Reaves and the other passengers.

There was a preliminary complaint of a broken car windshield, though officials are unsure if it is from the incident.