Here are three ways to save when you need surgery.

No one likes the idea of needing surgery. We understand. That is why we do everything possible, at the Rush Surgery Center, to make your surgical experience with us smooth and pleasant. We want you to feel at home with our staff of nurses and doctors. As one patient said, andquot;Rush Surgery Center feels more like a spa than the sterile environment of a hospital.andquot; That is the type of compliment our staff thrives on. It must be working because in the brief few months we have been open, we have already provided over 250 procedures.


We want you to save at all levels. However, saving your precious time is always important. When you enter the Rush Surgery Center, you will be immediately greeted. We will have been planning and preparing everything in advance of your arrival.

Since we specialize in surgery, andquot;Practice makes perfectandquot; is one slogan that really applies here. Surgery is what we do, day in and day out. We are not dealing with all of the other activities of a hospital, so we can focus on just you. There are no emergencies to interrupt us. Everything is precisely scheduled. As such, you sail through smoothly so you can quickly return to the comfort of your own home.


We feel it is much better for one healthy doctor to come to our surgery center in Brookings, so your drive home is short. As many can already attest, the drive home from Medford, Crescent City, North Bend or Gold Beach, when you have just been operated on, can be very unpleasant. You can save that drive by asking your surgeon if your procedure can be done here at home.

Currently, Dr. John Flaxel, Dr. Larry Eninger, Dr. Mark Silver, Dr. John Fjerstad and Dr. Scott Cherne are providing surgical care here. We are actively recruiting other doctors. You can help by asking your surgeon if he or she would be willing to come to Brookings and save you that long uncomfortable drive home.


Because of the natural efficiency of a surgery center, Medicare and all insurance companies pay surgery centers about half of what they pay a hospital for the same procedure. Our fees are scaled down as a result. The 20 percent co-insurance fee is also reduced.

As a result, Rush Surgery Center is part of a fast growing trend across the nation. Our patients, like you, and their insurers can save substantial amounts of money when you choose a doctor who will provide your care here at the Rush Surgery Center.

Submitted by Rush Surgery Center

Schafer is 100th patient

Curry County Commissioner Marlyn Schafer recently was the 100th patient to have cataract surgery at the Rush Surgery Center. Commissioner Schafer has worked for years to bring additional health care facilities and doctors to the Brookings area. She felt that it only seemed logical that she would test out the new Rush Surgery Center to see if it provided the quality of services that she had worked to achieve.

Schafer was exceptionally pleased with the outcome of her surgery as well as the care provided. She stated that, andquot;Not only did I end up with perfect vision but it was the easiest surgery I have ever had. I am so pleased that we are beginning to build this high quality surgical care in Brookings.andquot;

Doctor John Flaxel performed her surgery and has been providing eye surgery in Curry County for many years. Dr. Flaxel stated, andquot;The surgery center offers modern equipment that meets all of my needs.andquot; He also added, andquot;The surgery center will be a magnet for more doctors because it offers a lot of conveniences that are attractive.andquot;

Surgery center director Dr. Doug Walker said andquot;We now have five physicians using the center and it has only been open for a few months.andquot; Doctor Mark Silver emphasized the point when he said andquot;we expect the surgery center will attract even more specialists.andquot;