A dusting of snow greeted Crescent City residents shortly after dawn and then before sunset Thursday.

Most of the morning snow evaporated within an hour as temperatures rose about freezing. During the late afternoon, snow mostly melted as before it reached the ground.

With the snowfall so light, no weather-related accidents were reported in the area.

Snow had fallen at elevations above 500 feet Wednesday, including at Vista Point south of the city. Cold temperatures through the night, however, caused what normally would be winter rain to freeze and fall as snow at elevations below 500 feet along the shoreline.

The dustings marked the first snowfall in Crescent City since March.

The National Weather Service predicts a little chance of snow again in Crescent City this weekend. Lows are expected to be in the 20s with a possibility of rain. The weather service has issued a frost advisory for the shoreline.

While temperatures will remain cool and fall below freezing through the weekend, snow is unlikely. Clear skies with possible fog patches are forecast through Sunday.