By Cornelia de Bruin

Triplicate staff writer

In 30 days, Maja Nicol must vacate the trailer she's been living in for 12 years near Dead Lake and Del Norte County Airport.

Del Norte County's newly installed Board of Supervisors unanimously agreed Tuesday that the 1810 Riverside Drive trailer is a nuisance property and that the structures remaining on it must be removed.

Nicol said she does not own the property yet and is in the process of buying the land.

andquot;We're dealing with a renter who doesn't want to go,andquot; Supervisor David Finigan said.

His comment came after Supervisor Martha McClure asked whether anyone had spoken with Patricia Jeffers, the woman who still retains title to the five-acre site.

Nicol attempted to make a case for the work she has done in moving scrap metal, garbage and other items from the land since being initially cited in September.

She had hoped to use one of the two trailers that were not hauled away by county Public Service crews for storage and another as an office for the organic farming business she wanted to run there.

She said that she would move a portable toilet onto the property if she found that she needed one while she was working on-site.

andquot;It would require sanitation, and there would be a permitting process,andquot; Ernie Perry clarified when supervisors asked him whether Nicol could legally have an on-site office.

Nicol then asked for four months to move her belongings from the property, rather than the 30 supervisors were poised to approve.

andquot;The problem is you were given months to have a game plan ready,andquot; said Finigan. andquot;There is none today.andquot;

To date county crews have removed 60.73 tons of metal and other debris from the property and run up bills of about $18,000 in doing so.

andquot;This (vote) is to get the structures off the property,andquot; said Supervisor Gerry Hemmingson. andquot;It's too late, you need to start over.andquot;