By Nicholas Grube

Triplicate Staff Writer

The cedar Parkway Feed sign is all that remains after an early morning fire destroyed a Crescent City landmark on Sunday.

The blaze, which started between 2 and 2:30 a.m., began in the hay storage area and moved eastward until it consumed everything, including the pets.

andquot;There's just such total destruction,andquot; said Crescent City Volunteer Fire Department and Crescent Fire Protection District Chief Steve Wakefield.

The cause of the fire has not been determined and could be anything, even spontaneous combustion, Wakefield said, adding, andquot;We just haven't narrowed it down yet.andquot;

The only animal to survive the fire was a blue and gold macaw named Taz Marie, which co-owner Dewey Crager saved by kicking down the back door and entering the flaming building.

Police and fire officials stopped Crager from re-entering the burning store to save any of the other animals because it was too dangerous. Inside, more than 70 birds, 1,000 fish and various other animals, including turtles, rabbits and rodents, were lost.

andquot;Everything else you can redo,andquot; Parkway Feed co-owner Diana O'Dell said. andquot;It's just a shame the animals had to suffer.andquot;

But even amid ashes and the destruction, O'Dell and Crager said they will eventually rebuild.

andquot;We can't quit.andquot; O'Dell said with tears in her eyes. andquot;We just can't quit.andquot;

The business will be up and running soon. It will move across the parking lot into a wood-paneled building, the original site of Parkway Feed.

andquot;Give us a couple more days and we'll have the core feed,andquot; O'Dell said.

And the same sign will continue to greet customers of Parkway Feed.