By Karen Wilkinson

Triplicate staff writer

Walking up and down the aisles of Home Depot didn't seem to work.

But after Jennifer Crockett got her toenails painted Tuesday, she started feeling labor pains and knew her babies were on their way.

andquot;We weren't scheduled to be New Year's babies it wasn't supposed to happen,andquot; said Jennifer, who was scheduled for a cesarian section Jan. 8. andquot;So when I came in (Wednesday) morning and they said no one had had one yet, I was excited.andquot;

Early Wednesday morning she delivered two tiny baby girls at Sutter Coast Hospital by cesarian section the first babies to be delivered in 2007 in Del Norte County.

Mahlanya Crockett, who weighed in at 5.13 pounds, was born at 6:45 a.m. Her younger sister by two minutes, Nadianna Margarette Crockett, was born at 6:47 a.m. and weighed 5.14 pounds.

Jennifer and her husband, Don Crockett, who part owns Crockett United Lily, said there wasn't any significance to their girls' names, andquot;it was just what we could agree on,andquot; Don said.

It's unclear whether the twins are identical or fraternal, as only a DNA test can verify such information.

But neither Jennifer nor Don seemed to be worried, because andquot;as they grow up you're going to be able to tell,andquot; Don said.

The Crockett couple met after Jennifer started helping Don at the lily farm and one day he took andquot;a big bucketandquot; of colorful flowers by her house to cheer her up.

He then proceeded to ask Jennifer to deliver the colored lilies to churches and elderly people around the area and finally built his way up to asking her out.

andquot;I conned her into coming and helping me and I asked her out to dinner, which is what got me into this,andquot; Don joked.

Jennifer and her two girls are andquot;hopefullyandquot; scheduled to return to their Hiouchi home Friday.

But andquot;it's kind of nice being here now,andquot; Jennifer said Wednesday evening at the hospital.