Resolutions are merely goals that keep people moving forward and making improvements to oneself and community, says Del Norte County Supervisor Martha McClure.

andquot;Resolutions are something that we do all the time,andquot; she said.

So in the spirit and tradition of the New Year, local public officials (and soon-to-be public officials) were polled on their top resolutions for 2007.

Will Caplinger

Crescent City planner

?Redevelop vacant

buildings. Caplinger wants to see the old Shoreline Seafoods processing plant, the Square Deal building and the Alexander Daughters building used and improved.

?Get more grant money.

Caplinger, who administers all the city's grants, wants to top the $5 million mark this year.

Since he took this responsibility on about a year ago, Caplinger has funnelled $4.6 million to various city agencies.

andquot;We can always use the money (and) there's some pretty good-sized grants we're looking at in the new year,andquot; he said.

3. Celebrate the Del Norte County Library's 100th anniversary. andquot;It's worth a party,andquot; Caplinger said.

Steve Chaney

Redwood National Park superintendent

?Find a

permanent home in Del Norte County.

andquot;My wife is gonna kill me if I don't find a place to live in the New Year,andquot; said Chaney, who moved from Colorado and started work last week at the parks service.

2. Get to know the area's people who are interested in the national and state parks.

andquot;I know that the people who live around here live here mainly because of the resources in the area,andquot; Chaney said. andquot;A lot of those (resources) are either in or associated with the parks.andquot;

3. Rain-proof oneself. Chaney said based on the Christmas Day storm and the strong winds that followed, he better purchase rain gear.

Gerry Hem-mingsen

Incoming Del Norte County Supervisor and Mor-Jon Inc. owner

?Build bridges. andquot;My main thoughts are to try to get the community, government and businesses working together,andquot; Hemmingsen said, noting that the Del Norte County Airport is a successful example

Martha McClure

Del Norte County

supervisor and teacher at the McCarthy Center

?Focus on family. McClure said she wants to spend more time with them and increase her ability to communicate, especially with her high school-aged son and daughter.

andquot;Communication is pretty much a paramount in our lives,andquot; she said. andquot;I want to take their happiness seriously.andquot;

2. Focus on community. She wants to continue working to make the area more prosperous and progressive. McClure said she plans to do this by building a rapport and consensus with everyone.

andquot;As a political leader, if I act with dignity and respect, follow the political process and continue to be optimistic, it works,andquot; she said. andquot;I think our optimism as a community should be about transportation improvement, economic development and making sure we have living wages for our county employees.andquot;

3. Focus on self. McClure wants to learn something new this year, she said.

andquot;I don't know what it is yet, I don't know if that's going to be a new craft, dance or activity, but I want to learn at least one new thing,andquot; she said.

Mike Mealue

Del Norte Teachers Association president, Del Norte High School teacher

1. To find more sun and to travel.

2. Get into better aerobic shape. Mealue plans to do this by spending more time at the gym. andquot;I do that anyway but not enough,andquot; he said.

3. Seek guidance. Mealue said he'll continue to seek good advice and counsel.

Jan Moore-house

Del Norte County Unified School District superintendent

?andquot;To seek out and to use more and better opportunities to communicate with, to listen to and respond to this community with regard to the needs of the children and their schools,andquot; she said.

2. andquot;To continue visiting the schools at least twice a week, observing and helping in the classrooms, on buses, in offices, on playgrounds and in cafeterias every place where we serve school children,andquot; Moorehouse said.

3. andquot;To support in every way possible the urgent work of our teachers and all staff to help all our children to read and do math at grade level,andquot; she said.

Doug Plack

Crescent City Police chief

?Implement new


andquot;I'd like to utilize the new skills and tools I've acquired at the National Academy,andquot; he said. Plack plans to tackle drugs, terror issues, signs of gang activity and traffic.

andquot;I'd like to address current trends in crime, especially those related to our drug problem,andquot; he said.

2. Improve community policing. Plack said he plans to continue educating youth in the schools, continue awareness of the crime-free, multi-housing program andquot;to create a safe environment for our citizens to live in and I'd like to identify problems in the community through that venture.andquot;

3. Enhance recruitment of personnel. andquot;That's a lifelong struggle up here,andquot; Plack said.

Geneva Wiki

Klamath River Early College of the Redwoods director

*To continue working to create a happy, healthy and strong community through educational opportunities.

?Increase Yurok language skills.

3. andquot;Be the best mom, wife and community member that I can be,andquot; Wiki said.

Faith Crist

Del Norte County School Board president

?Make each day count and accomplish something every day.

?andquot;Clean out and keep clean my computer corner (at home),andquot; Crist said.

?Mail Christmas letters out before the holiday instead of after the New Year.

Mike Riese

Del Norte County district attorney

?Balance work and family.

Riese said he'd like to spend more quality time with his family, which could be

accomplished by being more efficient with his time.

And andquot;if I could find a way to make this office self-sufficient, that would eliminate a lot of budgeting time,andquot; he said.

2. Eradicate meth. Riese said though andquot;this office plays a major role in the eradication of meth in this community,andquot; just prosecution isn't the answer. He'd like to find a global approach to find an answer to curb meth use.

3. Complete unfinished building projects at home.

Pat Medina

Crescent City-Del Norte County Chamber of Commerce director

?andquot;Really, really stick to my diet this year,andquot; she said.

andquot;I start out good, but like a lot of people, I blow it by Jan. 10. So I'm really going to try to do better.andquot;

2. Make chamber membership more valuable. Medina, who started as chamber director in mid-October, said now that she's got a feel for the community and is more comfortable in her new job, it's time to look outside Del Norte to other chambers leaders.

andquot;Now it's time to be doing some of the analytical research on what we'd done in the past what worked and what didn't,andquot; she said.

3. Finish projects. Medina said she hopes to complete all the half-done projects both at home and at the office.