(Enderts Beach


From beginners to advanced there is something for every suffer on the coasts of Del Norte and Curry counties.

The relative isolation of the area keeps the crowds down even at the most popular breaks.

Among the hot spots:

?South Beach - Located just south of Crescent City, the beach boasts some of the most user friendly waves in the region. The bottom is sand and its gradually sloping grade makes for clean easy-to-ride waves. There isn't an under tow. Beginners won't get tired or sucked out to sea. On any given Saturday there will be a mix old and young beginners and advanced surfers occupying the lineup. During the week, no matter how good the waves are, there are usually only a handful of people surfing.

?Point St. George - For more experienced surfers there is Point St. George. The spot break the best when there is a large northwest swell and light wins. It is particularly dangerous, in addition to big hard-breaking surf, because the water has a rocky bottom and strong currents.

?Whaler's Island - Like Point St. George, this area is for more experienced surfers there is. The spot break also is best when there is a large northwest swell and light wind, an it can be dangerous because of a rocky bottom and strong currents.

Rainbow Rock -From beginning to advanced surfers may want to try out Rainbow Rock, just north of Brookings. The summer is best for beginners as the wave breaks slowly and the paddle out is easy. In the winter, however, large swells make Rainbow Rock too dangerous for starting surfers.

Sporthaven Beach - At the Port of Brookings Harbor right next to the Best Western, Sporthaven Beach us better for boogie boarders and swimmers. The wave type is a breakwater/jetty that heads both right and left. Normal length of the waves is short - less than 55 yards - but on a good day they can get far larger. The bottom is sandy with rock.