Brookings Natural Foods Co-op is the best stocked supplier for all your needs. Here's what some of our members and customers have to say.

andquot;It is wonderful to have organic food available in Brookings. We consider BNF an important community resource. Thank you!andquot; - Kristen Anderson and Richard Wickstrom.

andquot;The discounts that we receive for membership works out very well for us when you consider the per item price as well as the variety of products.andquot; - James Boniface

andquot;I can always find fresh, clean, organic, pesticide-free foods at BNF; and what is not on the shelf I can order.andquot; - Patti C.

andquot;It's a grass-roots place that truly serves the sense of community spirit. I feel happy just knowing this place exists!andquot; - Dave Lovell

Submitted by Brookings Natural Foods Co-Op