The circuit at Curves is designed to be fun, with a fitness technician always available to give assistance or training to anyone needing extra help. Curves promotes the effect of a 90-minute workout in just 30 minutes.

There are 12 machines (24 stations) on the circuit that are hydraulic, so there is no need to adjust them or change weights for individual needs. Convenience and speed are key attractions. At Curves, you start when you arrive (no need to wait for a machine), work out for 30 minutes, and you are gone.

Netta McNeely, the owner of Curves in Brookings, has her own success story. She has lost 94 pounds and has come down from a size 24 to a size 10. There isn't a problem with outgrowing the programs at Curves.

According to McNeely, every year she gets stronger, leaner, and fits into clothes better. andquot;I push the machines harder, and those machines still resist me.andquot;

At Curves, there are no mirrors and no dress codes. The members indicate that the workout isn't boring and half an hour goes by very quickly. Also, if you go out of town, a Curves travel card allows you to visit any other Curves facility (over 9,500 locations worldwide).

The camaraderie at Curves is wonderful. There is a sense of community. Curves could be called a sisterhood. A family. Judging by the explosive growth of Curves in the U.S., individuals love it!

Submitted by Curves