At Pacific Northwest Physical Therapy, the staff does not believe you have to live with neck and back pain, the pain that arthritis can cause or that nagging injury that won't heal.

andquot;We specialize in the treatment of pain and impaired mobility and function,andquot; says Michael Zingg, M.P.T.

The professional staff provides the optimum environment for recovery and discovery for each client. Imagine recovering from that acute or chronic pain and stiffness and discovering a whole new you!

Patients experience the difference of an outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation facility in a health and fitness center. This opens the door for many possibilities and is truly the best way to wellness. The facility has more than 10,000 square feet, state-of-the-art equipment, fitness classes and indoor aquatic therapieswith aquatic specialists to guide you. Aquatic therapy provides support for the body and reduces stress to the joints so muscles can be strengthened and toned while injuries heal. Exercise in warm water provides the proper resistance to improve circulation and reduce swelling.

Services include manual therapies for neck and back pain, post surgical rehabilitation for the spine, knee, shoulder and hip, ankle/footrehabilitation, manual joint and soft tissue mobilization, aquatic therapy, exercise training instruction, gym program consultations, gait training, postural education, stroke rehabilitation, massage therapies and modalities, including ultrasound and electronic stimulation.

Patients and clients have private health club memberships during their treatments and can easily work toward programs where they can work independently, to continue a healthier, more productive and enjoyable lifestyle.

For your rehabilitation needs, please call us at: Pacific Northwest Physical Therapy (707) 464-9511 or The Club at (707) 465-3730.

Submitted by Pacific Northwest Physical Therapy