Brookings Medical Center - located on 5th Street just east of Ray's Food Place - truly is the center of your healthcare andquot;universeandquot; on the Curry coast.

Its affiliation with Curry General Hospital in Gold Beach assures patients that medical treatment is delivered with the same essence of quality and commitment to care for which the hospital has become known.

Need a mammogram? Go to Brookings Medical Center.

Thanks to imaging updates at Curry General Hospital, Brookings Medical Center's mammograms are subjected to a sophisticated computer-aided tool to help find early breast cancers .

Known as Computer-Aided Detection, or CAD, the system acts as a andquot;second opinionandquot; to help radiologists find undetected cancers an average of 15 months earlier than screening mammography alone.

andquot;You still need the skills of a radiologist experienced in reading mammography to interpret the CAD's findings,andquot; according to Aaron Robbins, radiology department director. andquot;Our patients are benefiting because we have both - the skilled radiologist and the second-opinion CAD system.andquot;

Brookings Medical Center is open daily until 7 p.m. For appointments, phone (541) 469-5377.

Our medical staff: Cardiology, Coastal Cardiology physicians; Childbirth Preparation Education, Kelley Anderson, R.N.; Clinical Social Work, Karen Dieter, LCSW; Continency/Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation, Frances Guthridge, FNP; Coumadin Clinic, JoAnne Bolster, R.N.; Dietetics, Linda Zia, R.D.; Family Practice, Marge Bismarck, FNP; Jennifer Boyle, FNP; Frances Guthridge, FNP; Neurology, Larry Maukonen, M.D.; OB-GYN, Charles Hochberg, M.D.; Physiatry (Pain Management); Paul Coelho, M.D.; Psychiatry, Warren Krick, M.D.; Urology, Harm Kraai, M.D.

Submitted by Brookings Medical Center