Jazzercise is a powerfully fun and effective workout that will lift your spirits and strengthen your heart, muscles, and core. You'll get a healthy dose of cardio, strength, and stretch moves and finish up feeling energized and refreshed.

There are many benefits to Jazzercise. You will develop cardiovascular fitness. Metabolism, energy, flexibility, balance and overall health and well-being will improve.

The friendly, energeticand knowledgeable instructors,Dawn Strom, Holly Wendt,Judy Reynolds,and Sabina Rennerwill motivate you with positive reinforcement. They provide easy to follow cues and safety reminders. They continue to educate themselves through programs that keep them abreast of the latest developments in fitness.

Exercise shouldn't be boring. That is why Jazzercise continually varies choreography and music to bring a sense of new energy to each class.Jazzercise combines jazz dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and more to create a truly effective workout.

Each class is approximately 60 minutes long and incorporates the following components: 1) A warm-up segment 2) An aerobic segment 3) An aerobic cool down 4) A muscle toning segment 5) A final cool-down stretch segment.

Stop by 843 Third St. in Crescent City and join in the fun.

Submitted by Jazzercise