Reflexologist Connie McDonald has lived in Crescent City since 1991. She is located at Avalon Bodywork By the Sea, 1059 9th St. Suite D in beautiful Crescent City.

Reflexology is an Ancient Healing Art and a holistic healing technique that aims to treat the body, mind and spirit. Reflexology is an integrative health science that does not isolate a disease or treat its symptoms, but rather supports the whole person by nurturing a state of balance and harmony through the feet and hands. The gentle Reflexology therapy encourages the body to release toxins and stress that are in the Nervous System, Endocrine System, Lymphatic System, Muscular System, Respiratory System and Reproductive System.

Balance is vital to being healthy in body, mind and spirit. To keep the body running smoothly, it strives to maintain a state of homeostasis,which is equilibrium among the various functions and chemical compositions of fluids and tissues. A balance of energy in the body is also crucial to good health. Every part of the body is interconnected, so when there is an imbalance in one area, it almost always leads to an imbalance in another.

Reflexology's goal is to promote and sustain balance in every organ, gland, muscle tissue and system of the body starting from the source of a problem and moving outward. By relaxing the muscles and sending healing energy throughout the body, Reflexology can reestablish and stabilize a healthy equilibrium. Please remember that Reflexology can be used as a compliment to any type of medical approach or therapy, but it is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment.

Submitted by Avalon Bodywork by the Sea