One of two men arrested late November after nearly $15,000 worth of methamphetamine was found in a truck pleaded guilty Thursday to possession of meth and agreed to serve 16 months in prison.

Felipe Moreno, 37, of Mexico, will be deported after he's released, said Deputy District Attorney Ben McLaughlin.

Guadalupe Barragan, 35, of Sacramento, went forward on Thursday with his preliminary hearing and motion to suppress.

Barragan's motion to suppress was denied by Del Norte County Superior Court Judge William Follett, who held Barragan to answer on all counts.

Both men were arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession for sale, and transportation for sale, after Crescent City Police found 146.8 grams, or more than 5 ounces of crystal meth in Barragan's vehicle.

Barragan's arraignment is scheduled Jan. 5 in Del Norte County Superior Court Judge Robert Weir's courtroom.

- Triplicate staff