Q: How will I know if an evacuation warning is issued for Del Norte County?

If officials receive notice that a tsunami is possible you will hear a steady 3-minute siren blast.

Police and fire vehicles with public address systems will patrol neighborhoods in the run-up zone to warn residents. If time permits, door-to-door notifications will occur.Turn on to local radio stations to receive specific instructions.

But a siren isn't the only warning: If you feel an earthquake in Crescent City, it's because the Cascadia Subduction Zone has moved. The area lies offshore of Cape Mendocino and is located 35-70 miles from Crescent City. When it moves, know that the ocean will, too.

Q: What should I do if there is an earthquake?

?Protect yourself from the earthquake until it is over by covering your head.

?Once the tremor is over, move quickly inland and to higher ground. Waves can arrive from five to 30 minutes after the quake. If it's a strong quake, don't wait to hear a warning, just move if you're within the run-up zone defined on maps in the blue pages of local telephone books.

?Go on foot if possible.

?Do not pack or delay.

?Do not go to the beach to watch the waves.

?Wait for an andquot;All Clearandquot; from local officials before returning to your home.

Q: What if I live in Klamath or Smith River?

If you live near the mouth of a river, leave the area as well.Tsunamis reverse the course of rivers and will flood low-lying areas.