Two Crescent City men were arrested Monday morning at the El Patio Budget Motel following a fight that included one of them being beat with a crowbar.

Marshall Randall, 21, told the Crescent City Police Department he was sleeping in Room 111 with his girlfriend and woke up at 7:30 a.m. to find someone hitting him with a crowbar.

The suspect, John Allen Hopkins, fled on foot and was later arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Hopkins, 39, admitting to going inside Randall's room, though he told police he started hitting him after Randall kicked him.

Police later arrested Randall for felony warrants after he was treated for his injuries at Sutter Coast Hospital.

Acting Police Chief Garrett Scott said the situation stemmed from Hopkins recently loaning Randall his vehicle, which Randall is said to have thrashed, abandoned and stolen the stereo from.

Randall was wanted on two felony drug court probation violation warrants.

- Triplicate staff