By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

Convicted murderer Robert Allen Wigley was sentenced yesterday to spend the rest of his life in San Quentin State Prison without the possibility of parole - plus 10 years.

Before handing down the sentence in Del Norte County Superior Court, Judge Robert Weir noted that a jury had found Wigley guilty of rape, torture and murder.

Then the judge added his own observation: andquot;And the defendant apparently cannibalized portions of the victim's body.andquot;

Wigley, 38, was convicted Oct. 29 of first-degree murder for the 1994 slaying of Camillia Randall, an 18-year-old from Longview, Wash.

The teen-ager was hitchhiking through Crescent City on her way from Ashland, Ore., to Guerneville, Calif., when she was killed on Oct. 26, 1994, or in the early hours of the next day. Randall's mutilated body was found in Stout Grove on Oct. 30.

Wigley, who appeared in court yesterday wearing an orange jail-issue jumpsuit, will be transported to San Quentin State Prison within the next few days.

The sentence of life without parole was for the murder of Randall. The additional 10 years was for a foiled jail escape plot that would have involved the killing of a bailiff.

There were nearly 100 spectators crammed into the courtroom yesterday - most of them Randall's family members, but also a large contingent of law enforcement officers, people who testified during the eight-week trial, and even some of the jurors who convicted Wigley on the murder charge after deliberating for just 22 minutes.

Randall's mother, Marjorie Reynolds, trembled as she read a statement before Weir sentenced the man who killed her daughter.

She described her daughter as innocent and trusting - someone who didn't understand that there were people who would hurt her.

andquot;She would have never thought anyone would rape, beat, torture, murder and then take her heart out, like Wigley did,andquot; Reynolds said.

She said she couldn't go through a day without unbearable pain and sadness over losing her daughter in such a horrifying way.

andquot;There are no words to define the evil that Mr. Wigley is. You look at him and what he has done, and you know he has no place in society,andquot; she said.

District Attorney Mike Riese, who prosecuted Wigley during the eight-week trial, told Weir he has never seen such a heinous crime.

andquot;Your honor, this quite frankly this is the most gruesome crime I have ever seen - that we have ever seen - and I hope I never see anything like this again. It defies humanity what this defendant did,andquot; said Riese.

andquot;All through the trial this defendant said an animal was responsible for what happened to Cammie. And I now I agree with him; he is the animal. This defendant belongs in a cage, so put him there.andquot;

After the sentence, Riese said his happiness with the sentence was tempered by the finality of the crime.

Reynolds said the sentence was the best she could hope for, and she's happy Wigley will never victimize anyone else's child.

None of Wigley's family spoke yesterday on his behalf.