By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

Buses began rolling and kids began another year of learning yesterday as schools opened across Del Norte County.

andquot;I learned my ABC's again,andquot; said five-year-old Kayla Haney after her first day of kindergarten at Bess Maxwell School. andquot;It's great.andquot;

Some of Kayla's classmates had a little more trouble adjusting, according to teacher Annie Nickele.

andquot;We had two kids who were crying at the beginning of the day. But as soon as mom left they were fine,andquot; Nickele said.

Ralene Folkenberg said her daughter Cayla was a little anxious at first.

andquot;She started to cry a little bit, but she made it OK,andquot; Folkenberg said. Once Cayla emerged from class, she was all smiles.

Mark and Barbara Carr picked up their daughter Sarah after school.

andquot;She loves school and was really looking forward to it,andquot; Barbara Carr said.

Elsewhere around the county, principals were tallying their student totals and comparing them with projections.

andquot;We have lots of new students. We'll be keeping track throughout the day and adding it up later,andquot; said Del Norte High School Principal Jan Moorehouse.

Returning students found some changes on the first day of classes.

At Del Norte High School, remodeling work continues.

andquot;One of our wings is not quite finished yet, so things are a little tight, but we feel things are going really smooth,andquot; Moorehouse said.

Kids returning to the same school as last year may find some changes.

And although Moorehouse returns as the school's principal, she has two new assistant principals this year: Bob Hadfield and Jeff Napier.

Karen Brohmer is now principal at Bess Maxwell, taking the place of Dennis Louy, who moved to Sunset Continuation High School.

Principal Patrick Finley and Assistant Principal Paige Swan remain at Crescent Elk School. Glenn Harris is principal at Joe Hamilton School and Jim McQuillen remains at Margaret Keating School.

Billy Hartwick is principal at Mary Peacock School, and Garri Gatti is principal at the newly rebuilt Mountain School.

Beckie Bouchard remains at Pine Grove School, although Redwood School has a new principal with Don Olson. Rick Smith is principal at Smith River School. Dennis Burns is principal at Castle Rock Charter School.