By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

Crescent City is going to court to make sure it will receive money that has been promised to it.

City officials said they are seeking more information and guarantees from the Mary Pritner Trust regarding money earmarked for the city's swimming pool.

After a closed session Monday night, the Crescent City City Council announced it is authorizing City Attorney Dohn Henion to petition the superior court to compel the trustee, Patricia Moore, to andquot;immediately distribute all funds presently due the city from the Pritner Trust.andquot;

City Manager Dave Wells said the city's portion of the trust, which is approximately $116,000, was endowed to the Fred Endert Swimming Pool by Mary Pritner before she died.

andquot;She was a frequent visitor to the pool, as well as the Klamath Senior Center,andquot; said Wells. andquot;The money was put there after she passed away, in either 2000 or 2001.andquot;

Henion said the total trust amount of $350,000 was to be divided between the pool, the Klamath Senior Center and the Library District.

andquot;There was some dispute about the contract language and getting our money,andquot; said Henion. andquot;We wanted to make sure we get our money and any information so, any future money, we will know about.andquot;

Henion said another $390,000 may become available in future years for the city, the Library District and the Del Norte Senior Center.

andquot;They didn't want to give us the language that preserved those rights for us. The council passed a motion that we should preserve those rights,andquot; Henion said.

The motion was made by Mayor Glenn Gary and seconded by Councilman Herb Kolodner.