By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

Del Norte County school administrators are earning less than average compared to their counterparts in other school districts in Northern California, according to the Association of California School Administrators.

In response to requests from several counties in the association's region one, which covers eight counties in Northern California, region President Glenn Harris said Del Norte is on the low end of the scale.

andquot;In relation to the eight counties in Northern California, including Humboldt, salaries here are relatively low,andquot; Harris said. andquot;And Del Norte doesn't come anywhere near the state average.andquot;

His report to the Del Norte County Unified School District last night arrives at a time when the district has come under fire for inflated administrative salaries while teachers are being given pink slips.

Teachers who received layoff notices earlier this month complained at previous board meetings that administrators here are earning too much. They suggested salary reductions, shorter work hours and fewer administrative positions in the district to help offset a statewide education financial malaise.

In numbers provided by Harris, the Del Norte superintendent's salary is in the 20th percentile compared to the state. In Del Norte, the position earns $115,000 per year. The lowest paid superintendent earns $91,000, and the highest paid makes $190,802 in districts with comparable enrollment.

The highest-paid superintendent in the state overall earns $250,000, the lowest earns $67,769.

Other district office positions that also fall short of state averages when compared to similar-sized school districts are deputy superintendent, approximately $13,000 less, and assistant superintendent, $8,300 less.

Only the county's director of educational services, earning $91,837, is above the state average, by $1,770.

Closer to the classroom, all Del Norte positions for senior high school vice principal, middle school principal, middle school vice principal and elementary school principals also fall short of state averages, to varying degrees.

Only the county's senior high school principal, earning $94,280, is above the state average, by $2,783.

Harris, who is also principal at Joe Hamilton School, said he wasn't expecting anything from the board by giving his report.

andquot;No, I wasn't asking for anything or making any statements about what people should be paid or shouldn't be paid,andquot; Harris said. andquot;The counties in the region have been calling to see where their salaries stack up so they can make decisions regarding their budgets.andquot;

Aside from Del Norte, other counties in the region include Humboldt, Siskiyou, Shasta, Lassen, Modoc, Tehama and Trinity.