By Jennifer Henion

Triplicate staff writer

The final design of the long-awaited skateboard park is complete.

Bev Noll has the design in hand and presented it to local government leaders yesterday at their Intergovernmental Relations Committee meeting.

andquot;It's a state-of-the-art park. It's a beautiful park,andquot; said Noll, leader of the local group that has been driving to get a park built for the past six years.

At 15,000 square-feet, it's bigger than the long-coveted Medford skatepark and it flows from novice flats to expert bowls like well-groomed ski slopes.

andquot;It will be a seamless, smooth ride throughout.

andquot;What we tried to achieve is getting a park you want and the best park for someone just starting out, to a pro that comes into town - it'll be just as challenging for both,andquot; said the park's designer Zach Wormhoudt of Wormhoudt Inc.

The surrounds of the park will stretch the total size to about 21,000 square-feet and it will be located behind the Del Norte County Sheriff's Department in Peterson Park.

andquot;We hope to go before the city council and the county at their next meetings with boundaries, ordinances and a memorandum of understanding,andquot; said Noll.

Money may still be a problem, however, according to Noll.

andquot;We are still short by about $40,000 to $50,000,andquot; she said.

In the bank now for the project is about $200,000, most of which was won through a grant by the county. The rest was raised by the community.

Construction is slated to begin this spring. Once started, it should take about 110 days to complete.

andquot;It will be done in 2003, barring rain setbacks,andquot; said Noll.

The park will be free to all users.