By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

College of the Redwoods could face $1.7 million in budget cuts this semester if the governor's budget plan is adopted.

The figure released by the Community College League of California on Thursday has prompted several staff and faculty meetings in the coming weeks, including one in Del Norte County on Feb. 11.

Interim administrator Carol Mathews said the impact in Del Norte County, assuming the governor's proposal survives intact through the Legislature, will not have as much of an impact as elsewhere.

andquot;It won't have a devastating impact on our schedule by any means because we already have a very tight core of courses as it is, so there's not much we can lose,andquot; Mathews said. andquot;And many of our students are on financial aid and that won't be affected.andquot;

Mathews said areas where fewer students rely on financial aid and pay their own enrollment fees will feel a greater effect.

Redwoods President Casey Crabill said a counter-proposal being offered by the colleges would drop the cut to approximately $750,000.

andquot;My best guess at this point is that the final scenario will be based on an amount somewhere between the two,andquot; Crabill said Thursday in a press release.

Cuts proposed by Governor Gray Davis would include about $1 billion in staffing and course offerings at 108 California community colleges, said public information officer Paul DeMark. School officials are also predicting more than 206,000 students will not be able to attend classes due to prohibitive enrollment fees.