By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

Eileen Brown said she doesn't believe she will be competing against herself when the new Lighthouse Inn opens this fall just down the street from another hotel she owns, the Bay View Inn.

andquot;It's not really competition,andquot; Brown said as she took a break from painting yesterday afternoon. andquot;We feel the more nice hotels around will bring more people to the area.andquot;

A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be taking place tomorrow at 1 p.m. for the Lighthouse Inn. Brown said she is optimistic the hotel will be opening soon.

andquot;Hopefully next week,andquot; she said. andquot;We've had the building inspector make some last-minute requests already so you never know for sure.andquot;

The three-story hotel has been just over a year in construction. The building is 200 feet wide, 64 feet in depth with 65 rooms, eight of which include jacuzzis. The total cost for the project was something Brown said she'd rather not disclose.

andquot;We've tried to do most of the work ourselves because it's so expensive,andquot; she said in reference to herself and her husband and co-owner Hector Brown. andquot;Still, the bills keep piling up.andquot;

Eileen Brown said the idea to build a second hotel in Crescent City had more to do with circumstances than a marketing strategy.

andquot;We've owned the land for about four years. We had it up for sale for a long time and it didn't sell, so we decided to go ahead with the inn,andquot; she said.

Despite having a large dining hall that can double as a conference room, and can seat up to 95 people, Eileen Brown said they didn't have any specific marketing plans announcing the Lighthouse Inn as a destination for corporations.

andquot;With the Bay View, the Internet and the sign down the highway are our only advertising,andquot; she said. andquot;We've built up a great winter business there and I think that comes if you are fair with your prices. Also, the looks of the building will attract people when they're driving down the highway. There's really no way of knowing how many people the advertising brings in.andquot;

Eileen Brown conducted a walking tour of the building, making special mention of the balcony that over looks the lobby and the harbor view from the windows of the west-facing rooms.

She said the view of trees from the east-facing rooms is pleasant, along with the view of the neighboring Best Western Resort.

andquot;I'm planning on inviting them to the ribbon-cutting ceremony,andquot; Brown said laughing. andquot;I want to ask them if its OK to send our customers over there to use their swimming pool. I can imagine what their answer will be to that!andquot;