By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

A shortage of volunteers and a battle with fog hampered an otherwise pleasant Airport Day last Saturday.

andquot;We had a hard time with the fog,andquot; said Matthew Fearing of the Airport Day Committee. andquot;We'd get eight or nine rides out and then the fog would roll in again and we'd have to wait.andquot;

Fearing said the fog was probably responsible for a lighter-than-usual turnout.

andquot;The turnout was pretty good but it wasn't our best year,andquot; Fearing said. andquot;Normally we'd have all these flights over town and people would hear them and say 'Oh, it must be Airport Day today' and they would come out. But the fog was covering the town so we had to fly to the north.andquot;

The fog kept one hopeful youngster grounded for about an hour and a-half.

andquot;The poor kid. I felt so sorry for him,andquot; Fearing said. andquot;He must have been 11 or 12 years old. He almost made it onto one flight and the fog cancelled it. I saw him sitting with his dad and tears were streaming from his eyes. So I took him up in my plane ... so he got to get out after all.andquot;

But without receiving help from Westlog Aviation and Cal-Ore Life Flights, Fearing said it would have been difficult.

andquot;We can use some more people. We are definitely running out of volunteers to help us out,andquot; he said. andquot;We started out with about 30 people four years ago. Saturday, three of us did pretty much everything.andquot;

Fearing said there were approximately 150 rides given Saturday and about 85 tickets were refunded due to fog.