By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

The Crescent City City Council adopted its 2002-2003 city budget Monday night on the condition of revisiting the funding for a proposed firehouse museum.

andquot;I can't believe we have $100,000 in there for that,andquot; said City Councilmember Mickey Youngblood, who said the proposed skateboard park and rehabilitation of the area around the Highway 101 andquot;Sandquot; curve was more worthy of funding. andquot;I'd like to see the money spent there.andquot;

Because Mayor Herb Kolodner and Councilman C. Ray Smith were absent Monday evening, Youngblood suggested readdressing the museum question at a later date.

andquot;I'll make a motion to adopt the budget with the understanding we return to that line item with the full council,andquot; Youngblood said.

andquot;I'm concerned about how much it's grown since it was first proposed,andquot; said Councilman Jack Burlake, adding he still believed the museum was andquot;a worthy objective.andquot;

City Manager Dave Wells said funding for the museum, which is being supplied by the Flynn Estate, had grown by necessity.

andquot;Originally they anticipated $45,000 for the project. The bids came in around $70,000,andquot; said Wells, who recommended the council approve the overall budget and make amendments later regarding the museum.

Wells also gave assurances to the council that the adopted budget could absorb a possible $70,000 shortfall of funds from Sacramento, should that become reality.

Planning and permit fee increases in the budget were also approved. Wells said last week the increases are reflective of the actual costs for staff time and processing applications and are not meant as a tool to balance the budget.

The list of increases are: Parking waivers, from $75 to $100; amendments to city code, from $250 to $700; planned unit development, from $375 to $500; major subdivisions, from $350 to $375; minor subdivisions, from $150 to $175; reversion to acreage, from $75 to $125; rezoning, from $250 to $500; variance, from $150 to $200; use permits, from $125 to $150; home occupation permits, from $75 to $100; coastal permit application with hearing, from $150 to $200.

In total the city expects to receive $12,184,900 in revenues and has budgeted expenditures of $11,775,600. With carryover funds, the city expects to maintain a $3,460,199 fund reserve.